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What is DABB?

A One-App for all. Connect, Share, Elevate your social experience with the power of seamless interaction with your friends and others. Discover global posts from users and also shop your favorite online merchants by redeeming your DABB Coins for Gift Codes.

What is the Discover Wall?

Global posts on DABB can be viewed here. Your posts also have the chance to go on the Global discover feed & can be viewed by many for a chance for your posts to go viral!

What are DABB Buckets?

Create your friends, work, family and any more buckets and make sure they are always on up-to-date on your life. Never miss a memory and never feel the need to not upload a memory.

Post or status stories selected for the buckets will only be able to view them. The others will not be notified of the same. Ever!

What are DABB Coins?

DABB Coins are the digital monetary mode of DABB which can be used to redeem gift cards from various online merchants. They can also be used for Peer-to-Peer transfer (Coming Soon) so you can send DABB coins to others when you feel like.

Who are DABB Merchants?

DABB on-boards various merchants based on popular likes. Users can purchase products or make payments via DABB Coins at offline locations.

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